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Babelbird and Babelbirdy are bird name translation programs devoloped by Rainer Jahn and Stefan Tewinkel. The data base of these programs is compiled from different sources. Here we describe which sources we used.

All sources were revised with a great effort. Especially often used synonyms (e.g. Little Auk and Dovekie) have been included into the list. These synonyms are of course only listed when they differ from the first names.

Western Palearctic

The systematic order and the scientific names we used follow K.H. Voous (London 1977), as found in the LIMICOLA-Liste der Vögel der Westpaläarktis (P.H.Barthel u. A.Hill, Limicola 2(1988), Sonderheft 12-26) Additionally we included some (sub-) species, which status is controversial.


The systematic order, the scientific and english names follow Howard/Moore. English names which are twice in this list were adopted.

Links and Literature

German Names

  • Svensson L., Grant P.J., Mullarney, K., Zetterström, D.(1999): Der neue Kosmos-Vogelführer, Stuttgart
  • Barthel, P.H. (1992): Liste der Vögel der Erde, In: C.M. Perrins, Die große Enzyklopädie der Vögel, München

English and Scientific Names

French and Spanish Names

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